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In-situ simulation

Simulation in the CVICU is run regularly, with all ICU staff able to attend a full day of simulation based training at least yearly.  Our simulation involves teaching around technical and non-technical skills involved in crisis resource management.  Indications and preparation for emergency chest reopening form a prominent part of the programme. Click here to see a video of an Emergency chest reopening simulation training session.

We are using the latest hardware HAL simulator from Gaumard that enables us to run high fidelity simulation not only on the CVICU but also in the PACU and ward settings. Simulation also plays an important role in the orientation for nurses who are new to the CVICU and in our in-service teaching sessions.

We aim to foster a culture of safety in the CVICU by encouraging junior staff to speak up if they have a concern, and encouraging senior staff to listen.  We also work towards developing individuals’ skills in debriefing, so that after clinical events, the skills exist to effectively debrief the staff involved, effectively learn from these events and improve team performance.