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Active CVICU research

CVICU has an active research programme, with the aim of advancing knowledge and improving patient care in ICU.

Participating in a research study may or may not benefit you directly, but it may help other patients in the future. Participation is entirely voluntary however it is not always possible to predict which patients can be included in a research study until they are in ICU.

Often by this time a patient may be in a medically induced coma and therefore unable to communicate. In this situation the research team will speak to your next of kin/family/whanau to seek their opinion as to whether or not they think you would be agreeable to being in a study.

If enrolled in a study in the ICU, we will discuss this with you once you are awake and ask for your written consent to continue in the study. It is your decision and you may decline if you wish. Declining to take part in a study will not affect your care in any way.

All research studies undertaken by our team are approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee, the Auckland District Health Board Committee and the Maori Research Review Committee. In addition, trial participation is only by agreement of all the Senior Medical Staff.

Our research team

  • Associate Professor Rachael Parke

  • Dr Eileen Gilder

  • Keri-Anne Cowdrey

  • Magdalena Butler
  • Melissa Woollett

  • Brittany Mason
  • Laura Vui


  • Katie Brookes
  • Laura Weiss